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Teen Night Out

  • 2 Apr 2019
  • 6:15 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Marigny Opera House


  • Sign up your teens here and adults as a guest.

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Join us for a performance and discussion! 


A group of people from a religious sanctuary for sightless people are trapped in a forest; they are waiting for the return of their priest who guided them from the walls of their sanctuary into the frontier of nature to feel the warmth of the last rays of the waning Autumn sun.  But something is wrong. The priest has been gone for some time.  The group becomes frantic. They know that they are lost and helpless without the priest, their single, sighted guide. They hear the sound of the sea near them and the terror mounts when they discover the lifeless body of the priest.  They know that they too, shall perish.

Within the confines of their existential and physical crisis, they profess how little they knew their priest and guardian. This sentiment makes them embarrassed and ashamed.  Thy form a circle around the dead priest and they pray for forgiveness and salvation. As they pray, they hear steps around them. They don’t know who or what is coming, but the steps are getting closer and closer…

A child, who is the only one able to see, starts to cry desperately. What is he seeing? Are these steps human? The steps are getting closer as their prayer becomes more and more intense. Are these the steps of Death? But what is Death? Is it the answer to their prayer so they may finally see the light and end their misery or is it just the opposite, and their prayer has not been answered and Death brings no light? Is it a metaphor for our lives, religions, our own blindness?

There are more questions in this opera than answers. Every listener can decide on his or her own interpretation. Symbolically staged in a timeless and vague setting—it could be any century and any country—this opera speaks directly to our own time with its cry for communication, loneliness, and hope for salvation.

We hope that you will join us for this unique experience! There's no charge, just bring a snack or drink to share.

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